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The Georgia Wonder Act

Named by Vanish Magazine as “The New Georgia Wonder”, Tiffany has devoted the last decade towards resurrecting a performance long forgotten by magic history. “The Georgia Wonder” was performed in the 1880s by a select few young women.

After over a year of digging through dusty archives and trailing down rare texts and whispered accounts, Tiffany began rebuilding the act. After many additional years of research and performance the “Georgia Wonder” has been reborn with an updated spin blending magic, history, and personal empowerment. She has won multiple magic awards, been featured in many magic shows and conventions, and is a proud member of the exclusive group Sleight Club in Charlotte, NC.

Library 326:

The Forgotten Library

The quote, "We might not all be authors, but we are all filled with stories" from Aaron Mahnke, is the perfect summation of the show Library 326: The Forgotten Library.

Told from the viewpoint of an unknowingly retired Lighthouse Librarian, travel through time and hear the stories of brave, groundbreaking, and at times notorious people that history chose to try to forget. From suffragettes standing up to one of the most powerful men in history, to the not often discussed story of Sally Ride's first space flight, to a different perspective of Van Gogh's genius and beauty in art, and seeing the reincarnation of The Georgia Wonder Act. This show weaves forgotten stories and spirited magic all in one for an evening you won't forget,

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